Professional plasma applications and

Overall solution provide

  • Now, more industries are starting to demand higher demands - introducing new capabilities and functions on the basis of not changing the product ontology, to improve the product's good rate, value, and widen the field of product applications. As the fourth state of the material, the plasma is highly active and energetic, and the surface of the object is cleaned, treated, activated and coated on the surface of the object. On the basis of the property of any body, it will bring more value added energy to the surface of the object.
  • Relying on its advanced advanced professional plasma equipment and technological development advantages, innovative technology, convenient service, focus on the semiconductor chip packaging, optoelectronic neighbourhood, consumer electronics, medical electronics, functional materials, micro nano processing and other industries to provide a professional ionomer application overall solution. We have been dedicated to R & D, new technologies and new applications of plasma to meet users' needs and applications.

More efficient and environmentally friendly technology, plasma is bringing more changes to the surface of more products. Innovative, efficient and close professional users in various fields. We are a professional solution provider for plasma applications, bringing changes to your products.