Equipment characteristics

  • Patented gas delivery system for excellent gas distribution uniformity and flexible gas distribution;

  • Flexible electrode  configurations for  different process modes (RIE, Downstream Plasma, etc);

  • Unique 13.56MHzRF system delivers excellent process repeatability and treatment efficiency.;

  • Industrial computer with powerful graphical user interface software provide stringent process control;

  • The system is stable and reliable, easy maintenance and maintenance.


  • Surface Clean & Activation

  • Remove the metal-oxide and organic contamination from sample surface;

  • Enhance surface colloid mobility for Pre-molding & Pre-underfill process;

  • Increase surface energy  to improve adhesion ability.。

  • Increase Surface Roughness & Slight Etch

  • Release surface stress;

  • slight etch to different kind of materials (PR, SiO2 etc.);

  • Selective etching of a variety of materials.

Triton-160 Triton 160™ Specification

Footprint1105W x 1488D x 1842H mm – (2158H mm Lamp height
ChamberChamber Dimension518W x 518H x 648D mm
Electrode Number8
Electrode Gap48mm
ElectrodePower electrode402W x 450D mm
Ground electrode477W x 450D mm
RF System13.56 MHz - 1250W / 500wRF power supply (optional)
Gas ControlStandard 2 gas / maximum expansion to 5 gas
Pump75 / 90 m /h m fand pump fand /h dry pump (optional)
Facility RequirementPower380V, 25A, 50Hz, 3-Pahse, 8AWG, 5-Wire
Process gas1/4 inch card connector
Process gas type and purityCF4 = 99.97%; O2 = 99.996%;  N2 = 99.99%;  Ar = 99.999%;  Please consult other gases JET PLASMA
Purge gas15~20 psig
CDA1/4 inch card connector
Cooling WaterIndustrial grade nitrogen orCDA, 15~60 psig
Air interface and dimensionsCDA, 60~90 psig
Exhaust port interface and dimensionsKF40
Water cooled electrodeIndustrial pure water or deionized water, 10~35 C
Cooling water interfaceRc1/2
OptionChiller9kW; 380V, 7A, 50Hz, 3-Pahse
Exhaust ScrubberOption
Air dryerAccording to dosage matching